CapitalTSX review ( Scam Broker

CapitalTSX Review

In this CapitalTSX review ( we will show you why this forex broker isn’t trustworthy and how they are scamming people.  We will also help you with key information on how to deal with this scam and where to get help. So, let’s start with the basic question, is a scam?

Is CapitalTSX a scam?

The short answer is yes! The first and most important criteria to check if a broker is scam or legit is to see if they have regulation. Forex brokers are required by law to hold a license in order to operate in European countries, USA, Canada and other countries. Usually, the regulatory license number and information is displayed at the footer of the website, which in case of CapitalTSX, there isn’t any license information or is fake. 

The second sign is using high pressure selling tactics from boiler rooms. They might promise unrealistic high returns, good bonuses, or get something for nothing without having to work or make any effort.

How do forex brokers like CapitalTSX operate?

To keep it brief, forex brokers like CapitalTSX get their leads from third party affiliates which are a scam industry on their own. They build websites with celebrities or high return promises to collect your contact information. Once they have your details, they will pass it on to forex brokers like CapitalTSX, and their sales team will make their first contact using high pressure selling tactics. Once you make your first deposit, you will be transferred to the retention department and they will try to get as much money as they can from you.

The way they do this is by showing fake profits or making unrealistic promises. They will build a friendly relationship with you and give you a ton of fake reasons why you should increase the deposit. They might even recommend you to get a loan from the bank and invest it in their platform. Whatever they say or do, you should STOP GIVING THEM MORE MONEY! After they realize that you don’t have any more money to give or don’t want to, they will cut ties with you by blocking you from the login page and by not replying to your messages.

How to get your money back from CapitalTSX?

The first step in trying to get your money back is to submit a withdrawal request. Although there is an unlikely chance of success with this step, this is something you have to do because you should keep the withdrawal request date and message and the CapitalTSX reply as proof. This proof might come in handy in the upcoming fight of getting your money back. Also, submitting a withdrawal request will show their true colors. Some of them will try to convince you that there is no reason to withdraw your money and some might even get angry at you. After this, they will perform one last trick on you, which is called the “paying taxes” scam. They will say you need to pay the capital gain tax before they release your money. This might be tempting for you, but remember that they are scammers and will not release any of your money willingly. At least not without a fight.

Money recovery Steps

The first step in trying to recover your money is to contact your bank and initiate a chargeback. This usually works for payments made with credit cards. Show them the conversations with CapitalTSX and how they are not honoring your withdrawal request. You need to act quick on this because the chargebacks are time consuming and there might be a chance that the bank won’t be able to reverse the payment after a certain timeframe.

If you sent them a wire transfer (swift or SEPA payment) the process is a bit more complicated. It is very rare that a bank will reverse a wire transfer but there is always hope. Also, in case that you performed your payment with credit card or wire transfer you can contact us on [email protected] or by using this contact form. We might be able to help you out but this depends on certain factors.

If you made your payment by crypto currencies, we are sorry to tell you that the chances of recovering your money are very, very slim. Again, depending on certain factors, there might be a chance of even recovering cryptocurrencies, but is next to impossible, but if you want to, you can also email us [email protected] to see what we can do.

Contact the authorities

What CapitalTSX is doing is called online fraud and that is a cybercrime. You should report this to relevant authorities in your country. There have been cases before when online fraudsters got arrested and their victims got compensation. But in order for the police and relevant authorities to take it seriously, there have to be enough complaints. So do your part in reporting this crime.

Make sure to leave CapitalTSX reviews

Another action you can take is to leave CapitalTSX reviews wherever you can. This will help other people from falling victims of scam to this forex broker. You can start by leaving a CapitalTSX review in the comment section below. Just describe briefly what happened and how are you going to take action. With this we conclude our CapitalTSX review, but below is the conclusion of things you should do and not do.

CapitalTSX review conclusion points

  1. Don’t give them any more money
    • It doesn’t matter what they say or do, giving them more money will only make things worse for you. What you should focus on, is how to get the money out.
  2. Contact you bank
    • Contact your bank or credit card provider to perform a chargeback.
  3. Contact us
  4. Contact the authorities
    • Make sure they don’t get away with this. Contact the relevant authorities in your country.
  5. Leave CapitalTSX reviews
    • Get your story out so you can help other people from falling scam.

Questions And Answers

No, they usually put a fake address at their website, or the address of the offshore incorporated company. But if you want to get a hint on which country they are located, try to recognize their accent, or listen to the background noises. Because sometimes they will talk in their mother language in the office. Another way to figure it out is by trying to see the IP address from where they are sending the emails.

It depends from case to case but we might be able to offer you help in trying to get your money back.

Yes, there is always something else you can do. We may conduct an investigation on your behalf and see what else can be done.

No, the only thing you should be focused is to withdraw your initial deposit. All the profits and the trades were fake.

When contacting you need to disclose the following information: Brokers name, amount deposited, deposit method and your residing country.